Friday, 25 April 2014

What is a Hosted Phone System?

A Hosted Phone System is now a mature technology that uses the internet to make and receive phone calls and in some cases as well as a traditional PBX phone line.

Sometimes it is referred to by the technology it uses called VOIP.

The main difference between a PBX System and a Hosted System is the ease of setup and management of the system.

A traditional (PBX) phone system requires some hardware to be installed and maintained and also the use of traditional phone lines.

A Hosted System you just plug and play the handsets and all they require is an internet connection.

This means you can plug a handset into a Broadband connection in anywhere and it will act like it’s in the office.  Plug it in at home  and colleagues can call you as if it is an internal call .
There are lots of advantages to hosted phone systems that can really enable your company to be agile.  

We are very confident we can provide you with a new communications setup that will allow you to work anywhere in the world and still save you money on  your current expenditure.

Fancy giving us that challenge? Drop us a line on and we will work our magic.

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