Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What does PBX mean?

What does PBX mean?

PBX is the acronym for “Private Branch Exchange”.

The main challenge that a PBX solves is that many people in a building can all share a number of lines to dial out rather than needing  a separate line for each person. When this technology first hit the market it saved companies thousands of pounds.

At the exchange where BT and such like do all of the management of call routing and connecting your PBX does this on a much smaller scale for your business.

It is very simple.

It involves the installation of a box on the wall in your premises  which does all of the clever management stuff so you can make internal calls and direct dial numbers and share a smaller number of lines to make external calls.

Where a PBX system is still hugely valuable today is for those companies that cannot get the required bandwidth (internet speed) for a VOIP / Hosted Systems. 

If you are a growing company that needs a modern phone system that ensures you can provide the right kind of service to your clients and prospects and cannot get or do not desire to use an internet based system,  then we would be very happy to answer your questions and advise on what options you have, if indeed you need anything at all.

By understanding our clients’ needs and business objectives we thrive on being a strategic partner to many UK based businesses.

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