Monday, 12 May 2014

It was a good deal at the time

There was a deal a few years back that at that time was a small business no brainer.

It was very simple.

You had a mobile phone contract that in addition provided you with free landline number that diverted the calls to the mobile device.

To the person dialing they don’t notice anything different.

Their call gets answered and they are calling a business landline. Sounded great, right?

It did a job for small business’s but there was and still is a downside.

When it came to dialing out it never came from the landline number only the mobile number.

This created the direct opposite to the advantage they were getting.

However times have changed and there are better and more cost effective solutions available and nothing more so than our own small businessno brainer.

So if you’re in this predicament or you would just like a mobile and or telephone system that works for you and will be more Cost Effective plus Add Value to your business then drop us a line to

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