Wednesday, 5 March 2014

IPhone battery woes?

Last week we blogged about the relationship with our mobile and how important it is to us.
With this in mind there is nothing worse or more frustrating than your battery dying before the end of the day. 

For IPhone users we have a few hints and tricks that we have sourced from around the web that can help you conserve battery life and ensure it gets you thru to the end of the day.

1.      Close unused Apps – By double tapping on the home button it will bring up all of the apps that are running on your phone.  If you have children you will often see tons of apps left running in the background using up memory and battery power. Simply swipe upwards on each of the apps that you don’t want running.

2.       Auto Brightness - IPhones are clever. Right ? Your phone has the ability to detect the light levels of the room that you’re in and set the brightness for you. Very useful but it takes additional battery power. If you’re happy to set it and change it yourself you can adjust the brightness under settings and turn off Auto Brightness and save yourself some valuable battery time.

3.      Location Services – This is one of those you need to balance personalisation as they can be unnecessary. If you go to Settings and then Privacy you will see Location Services. In here you will see all of the apps that request you whereabouts which in turns use battery power. Go through the list and be ruthless with what advantage each app gives you by knowing your location. It amazes me how many apps request this access and yet I struggle to see the benefit to me. Also at the bottom of that list is another folder called System Settings with another list of services the iPhone itself uses that wants to use location services. Once again remove any that don’t give you obvious value.

4.       Push Email -   Email is something we use heavily on our IPhones however do we really need it checking for new email every second? Maybe you do and using the Push Setting on your email will ensure it does that. However it’s a battery killer and turning off push and selecting Fetch every 15 minutes instead will save you a ton of battery. Plus just by opening your mail app on you IPhone will trigger a refresh.

5.       Diagnostics and Usage- This last tip is quite a simple and straight forward one. Apple likes to collect data about your usage and behaviour of you and your phone. Nothing wrong with it per say but why not let everyone else do that and give apple the data, and you can switch it off and save your battery under Settings the General then About turn off diagnostics and reporting.

So that’s it folks 5 simple tips to save your battery and get you to the end of the day. 

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