Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Our relationship with our smartphone

A study conducted in 2009 stated that 40% of respondents would rather lose their wallet than their smart phone. Nearly all stated that they would be devastated.

Another fun fact is asking people what is your time to device? I.e. when you wake up in the morning how long is it till you pick up your smart phone? Scary thought eh!

Our relationship with our smartphone is a special one and an essential one for business.

Nowadays, It’s more than a phone. It has an internet connection and so much information about ourselves that our lives depend on them.

We can access CRM systems and accounting systems as well as all of our contacts and social networks.

At Connect-it we understand how important your smartphone is and that’s why we not only find you the best deal but the right deal!

We also make sure when things do go wrong and you drop your phone down the loo or leave it in a cab we know how important it is to you and your business to get a replacement handset in double quick time. One call to us and we are on it.

So with such an important relationship with your smartphone you should ensure you get a personal relationship to support you and your loved one – oops - I mean smart phone.

So, I put this to you.

Does your existing supplier understand this relationship and do they look out for you both?

If you do want to understand if your current mobile deal is providing you with the very best value and support then why not drop us a line ? Hit reply and request a no obligation review. If you are on a great deal already we will tell you and thank you for the opportunity.

You see, it’s about relationships and honesty. Getting you to change for no good reason, doesn't work for us at Connect it or for you – the customer.

Until next week, nurture those relationships that mean the most to you and your company even if it’s with a phone.

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