Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A small business no brainer!

I had blogged about Non geographic numbers before and if you’re not sure what a NGN is by all means click on the links to see that blog.

However I was at the office one day this week and Bryan showed me something I had not seen before. The software that comes with the NGN numbers is simply amazing.

Some of the functionality that is available to small businesses at a very small cost is simply a no brainer.

For example the ability to have a 01,02,03 or 08 number and direct all of these calls to ring multiple mobile phones at the same time and even have it tell you where the call is coming from before you answer.

Or how about this when the person calling the number they can have a custom message such as welcome to “your company name” before it gets through to you. Thus making you look like a professional and possibly larger outfit.

Another essential feature was the ability to see who was on the phone at any given time associated with your NGN. If you have 6 lines and one number this could show you every call live as they were happening so you can have a live view from wherever you are as this software is web based.

There is so much available with the software and here at Connect-It we offer two tier pricing, one for you to manage after training or you can outsource the management to us for another price.

There is so much more than I can cover in one blog  including call recording that can be emailed to you to listen too wherever you are.

Detailed reporting like the screenshot below:

I was so impressed with the software I just had to write this blog and I cannot stress enough just how much functionality is available.

NGN numbers start at just £10 a month and other features are just a few pound a month.

Why not try an NGN number free for a month and I honestly believe you will be so impressed with what it can do for your business and such a small amount of money I have no doubt you will want to keep it.

So please do reach out and ask us for a free trial and we can get you setup in no time at all.

Email us at info@connect-it.co

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