Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What can we look forward to in 2014 that will enhance our business?

Looking back 2013 was not such a bad year after all seems to be the general feeling from most small business owners we speak too. Not great but not terrible either.

You see we are working both harder and smarter now as a result of technology.
I think one of the keywords in 2014 will be mobility. The ability to both work and communicate from anywhere is becoming a must in most areas but not all.

So what can we expect in 2014 that is going to help us work smarter and not so much harder?
Here are just a few items that we believe are going to help us in 2014:
·         4G
·         Faster broadband in rural areas
·         Faster and smarter smart phones
·         Better service 


So let’s start with 4G if are not sure what 4G is check out our blog on what is 4G here.
4G is rolling across the UK and 2014 will see it spread to more and more cities and towns.

Expect to see lots of announcements throughout the year. 4G will bring lighting fast connectivity and with it even more mobility opportunities.

Faster broadband in rural areas

It’s been a real thorn to a lot of home users and also to lots of small business working in industrial estates. 

Will 2014 be the year that these areas get a decent broadband connection? We believe it will be better than in previous years. We have clients in all kinds of remote locations and with the services we have available now we are confident of getting a good connection without costing the earth.

Faster and smarter smart phones  

This is one thing that is not going to ever slow down. Innovation in this sector is going to continue to rise at a rapid rate. Remember the Nokia 3210? What a great phone that was and who in their right mind would have predicated the fall from grace from Nokia and then RIM (blackberry).

With connectivity that is going to be faster than most peoples home broadband we can expect to see a whole host of 4G enabled smart phones. I can also see the applications on these new devices becoming more and more desktop like in terms of functionality as we move away from PCs.

Better Service

With all of the above in mind it’s getting harder for small business owners to keep up to date and be sure that they are not paying over the odds for their broadband, mobile and phone systems. This is where business owners will look to work with companies they can trust to keep them informed and work on their behalf to find the right balance to save them money and increases productivity.

This is where we at Connect-It hope to thrive by providing you with the information you need so you can make informed decisions and be confident you are getting the best out of your budget.

We believe communications should be made simple and we aim to educate, enlighten and entertain you in 2014.

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