Sunday, 19 January 2014

How to present your iPhone or iPad on a projector

Have you ever had to demonstrate something on your ipad or iphone?

Well at Connect-it we just love to keep on giving...well we found this on one of our partners sites and thought it would be good to share it with you guys.

So if you would like to present your iPad or iPhone on your PC or Mac and then even onto a projector then this could be the blog for you! 

Introducing Reflector

What Reflector does in a nutshell is turn your PC or Mac into an airplay receiver. You may be familiar with the Apple TV boxes that have this ability already? Well this turns any PC or Mac into a receiver too.

So this means you can present content on your iPhone or iPad over a projector or even record a session on how to use a particular application on your iPhone or iPad.

Like our partner modern working, Connect-it are not a re-seller of this software and in no way make any money from promoting this other than adding value to you.

So if you fancy learning more find the link below

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