Monday, 25 November 2013

Winter is on its way!

The evenings are getting darker quicker, had my first ice scrapping on windscreen this week, winter is on its way.

According to the news it’s going to be a bad winter? I am sure that they have been saying that every year?

Anyway every year we lose business days because of the snow. According to the FSB in 2009 20% of the UKs workforce did not make it into work on the worst days that’s 6.4 million people at a cost of at least 1.2Billion pounds. The knock effect of this goes into even more lost money.

It doesn’t take much to be honest for schools to close and for employees to say they cannot get to the office.

Have you stopped and thought how much money your company loses or could lose if you staff cannot get to the office?

With modern technology now snow days or in fact any kind of days should not stop you being able to communicate with your clients as if you were in the office.

You might think that having a telephone system in place that enables you completely manage all of your calls and use any device to make and receive them costs the earth? Well that’s not the case it probably cost you less than current systems and gives you complete control regardless of the weather.

Like a puppy at Christmas, modern telephones systems are not just for Christmas but can make huge changes to your business. Rightly or wrongly we live in an always on 24/7 connected society. Now most businesses are not open 24/7 but it’s neither difficult nor expensive to ensure that you never miss a call again. The question can you afford to miss a call?

So how much does it cost you to at least explore the idea that there might be a cheaper solution that also will not catch your business out when the snow does hit. Maybe your competitor’s won’t be around to answer a critical call but you can make sure you are.

So one call now could make all the difference or you could leave it and take a chance it’s your call ;-)

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