Saturday, 30 November 2013

How the internet has changed business.

At one stage businesses would write letters to each other and responses would be expected in 3-5 days .It was slower but worked just fine. It meant you had a day or so to think about your reply.

Then came the telephone, this certainly speeded business up, providing the person you wanted to speak with was in the office and owned a telephone.

Faxes were next but people were wary at the start, what if they were “intercepted” we soon got over that and then the real game changer came along email.

Email changed everything and in no time your inbox has taken over your business life and even impacted on your personal life.

We send hundreds of emails a week for some people even daily.

Now as we approach 2014 it’s not just email but our data is hosted and accessed via the internet our business tools and applications are again hosted and accessed via the internet and in some cases the phone systems are internet based.

And in most cases it’s the best place for them; it’s cheaper and more flexible and a ton of other advantages.

Is it up to speed?

Now have you ever seen a teenager without an internet connection? They freak out, they cannot function without one and it’s pretty much the same for businesses too.

Having a good solid reliable internet connection is the life blood of your business. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a good connection with a good download and upload regardless of your location.

You should have backup plans in place to ensure that if the internet does go down you have a failover system in place. Even something simple like a router with a 4G/3G card in place.

So if your business depends on a decent internet connection and you would like honest assessment of your current setup then why not give us a call to see if we can help?

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