Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What is VOIP?

Well to start it is yet another technology acronym, don’t you just love them?

It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

So now for the translation, In English it means using internet to make phones calls instead of a traditional phone line.

How does it work? 

The internet works by sending data in between devices such as PCs and tablets. It breaks each piece of data down into what’s known as packets. The sending device sends the packets for the receiving device to receive and this happens in milliseconds.

VOIP works in the same way with the sounds of the call being send over the internet in the packets.

With the speeds and quality of internet connections today multiple voice calls are easily managed over the internet without any quality issues.

So even if you are in a remote area this is not an issue.

Why would I want to use VOIP?

Two huge reasons cost and flexibility.

Let’s start with cost there are so many areas where cost savings can be made. By using VOIP you won’t need multiple phone lines coming into the office and you won’t need costly wall mounted equipment often called “the box on the wall”. The whole system is cloud based so you can control every aspect of your phone system from anywhere. The calls are much cheaper than traditional rates and in some cases calls are free.

Equally as impressive is the flexibility a VOIP system can offer your small business. 

With a VOIP system you can ensure you never miss that vital call again. Because its internet based your office phone extension can follow you wherever you are regardless of what device you have. You can also take your office phone plug it in anywhere with an internet connection and it works as if you were at your desk even if you are at home or even in Turkey. Wherever you are the call would act and be cost as if it were an internal call.

Options such as auto call forwarding, individual voice mail boxes and even call attendants (press 1 for sales,2 for accounts) can all be setup and managed from anywhere in minutes.

Because there are no expensive “boxes on the wall” setup is low cost and can be setup in a fraction of the time.

The business world has changed and we are spending more and more time away from the office and more time elsewhere. That could be a client’s office, homeworking or even on the road. It’s more important than ever that we remain in contact with colleagues, and clients.

I will finish off by saying that as a result of this technology enterprise level communications is no longer just for big companies. Even single person companies can utilise this and offer the kind of experience and presentation that a big company would.

So if keeping connected is important to your company then a VOIP system just might be a fantastic option to serve and compete in this new always on economy.

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