Tuesday, 25 September 2012

So, Here's the offer ...........................

Would you be interested in Bryan or I - I'm Chris, the elder statesman of Connect IT coming to see you in your office between now and Christmas ?
To spend a half day (or a full day depending on the size of your organisation) to listen to your pains, be bombarded by questions about your Communications - Office or Mobile, or anything else that you may want to discuss, say, learn or do in that time? 
We like listening to other people to see how we can help them so it always fun for us. It's amazing what comes out from these meetings often nothing to do with the core business. 

The truth of the matter is, Bryan and I honestly do want to make a difference to people’s businesses, their working lives and lives in general.  We believe that with Connect It you will feel a change.  At the end of it we may get some business.  But if we don’t, we will have learnt a lot too and maybe developed a relationship to help each other in the future.  
P.S. Bryan drinks Tea, I drink Water.  
Look forward to meeting you.
Tel: 08456 885 122

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