Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mobile Data Security

When you buy a laptop the salesperson will generally ask you if you would like to buy an Anti Virus package. After all, there are mischievous people out there hacking into computers every day. So, your laptop has to be safe and secure. Right ?

So, why are millions of people around the world using phones that offer little or no security? Millions are doing business on their phones, making payments, sending personal details over the ether but with no thought of security.
My theory, Its the bury my head in the sand scenario. It wont happen to me.
Why do heads of government around the world use a Blackberry ?
Why do businesses have their own server supporting their staff using a Blackberry ?

Nowadays people and businesses appear to be more concerned about image. Using the right looking phone is a prime example.
There is only one Mobile phone on the market that is safer to use when sending personal or confidential data.

Try this:
Tear a piece of paper into 128 pieces, then put it back together and now read the message. This is the Encryption that Blackberry offer - 128 Bit.

If you want peace of mind, it is seriously worth considering moving to a Blackberry.
Think about it - carefully.

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