Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What is a non-geographic number?

A non-geographic number sometimes referred to as an NGN is a simple yet powerful way to ensure continuity with your vital business communications.

You probably have either a local number for your business with a prefix dialling code based on where you are based i.e. 01227 or a mobile number depending on the size of your business.

A NGN number can have any prefix number for example 01,02, 03 or even 08 and this number can be associated with your current prefix or mobile number. You can also have multiple NGN numbers doing the same thing. Now why would you do that?

Now the obvious reason would be in the name, non-geographic it means your company now appears that it can be in other areas or even no particular area making your company appear not tied to a specific location, if that’s something you would want to achieve but by no means the only reason.

Another reason might be that you would like to track calls from your website and by having a specific number on your site you can report on the number of calls this could even by tied to a particular marketing campaign.

Often though, the reason is far simpler. NGN numbers can make growing companies appear larger or more established. Or they enable larger companies the ability to manage lots of calls without the need to install costly fixed lines. They also come with powerful tools so you can ensure you never miss a call, you can re-route calls when required instantly.

The management is simple and easy to use and requires no software to be installed.  Track calls and produce key information in minutes.

Now how important are your phone lines to your company? What would happen if your landlines went down? With an NGN number calls can be configured instantly to re-route to any other number including mobiles. Disaster recovery for your vital communications, sorted.

First class communications is not just for the multi-nationals any longer. You too can have a highly memorable number that routes the calls to anywhere you want them to when you want them too for a low cost monthly fee.

And here is the best bit, why not give it a try for 30 days at no cost?

As the NGN’s are cloud based we don’t interfere with your physical land lines and they will work as they do today. So why not try it for 30 days free of charge and see how simple and easy it is to use.

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