Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Important news about O2 Travel in Europe

Important news about O2 Travel in Europe
From 26 March 2013, O2 Travel is changing. If you make or receive calls in Europe you'll no longer eat into your inclusive UK minutes. It's still 41p to connect, then free to talk for up to 60 minutes.
Changes to data usage
Data usage in Europe will be capped at 15MB a day for £1.66 (ex VAT).
That's enough to visit around 200 standard websites, send up to 30 emails with photos attached or hundreds without attachments. If you do use more data, don't worry.
You're always in control
If you are getting close to your daily data limit, we'll text you. Then you can choose to get an extra 15MB for another £1.66 (ex VAT).
To learn more about O2 Travel go to o2.co.uk/o2-travel-changes or contact us.

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