Saturday, 10 November 2012

Winter draws on!!!
As I am sure we have all noticed winter is nearly upon us. Long range weather forecasts are unilaterally predicting a colder than average winter period.
Just take the time to stop and think this one through.
What was the effect of snow on my business last winter ?
How much were sales down?
How did my customers feel ? How did my staff feel ? And so the list it goes on.

The ONS stated :
“The snow last winter knocked 0.5% off the economic growth figures, which is a considerable amount of lost growth”

I am sure you would agree it is now time to plan. Maybe you will stick your head in the sand or should that be the snow ? Maybe use “hope” as a strategy that the winter conditions will not in any way effect your business ?

Fear not, help is at hand.
So, for those who wish to plan and carry on doing business in the face of adversity, talk to us at Connect…it.
We have a suite of “Business Continuity” products for voice as part of our standard “Simply Better Business Telephony” proposition.
Notice we didn’t say disaster recovery, a very much overworked phrase which immediately means to me that something has occurred from which I must recover…..and that takes time… much time….Who knows?

Business Continuity however means exactly what is says. Regardless of what may be a disaster to my competitors, I will be safe in the knowledge that I can continue to do business!!!

As a famous scout once said “Be Prepared”, are you?

Call us to see how we can help you to help your customers and staff through the winter period. You snow it makes sense !
08456 885 122

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